Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I don't wanna!

I remember summer nights. I remember walking down to the lagoon, our arms loaded down with paper sacks of cheap 40 ouncers we bought at the liquor store. I remember smoking our cigarettes and thinking up stupid sex rhymes to replace movie titles. I remember having fun. I think about it all the time as if it happened just the other day. But, it was so long ago. How did time go by so fast? When did I stop being me? I know I grew up. We all did. We had to, it's life. Is that what changed me? Us? Most of the time I think it's just me. Maybe I'm not as accepting of it as every one else. I miss it all so much. I miss me.


Anonymous said...

You're still you, welcome to the grown up you. It's whoever you decide to be. Remember - adults have fun too.

And there's nobody to miss. I just can't wait to meet whoever you decide to be now. Whether that involves grabbing some foteez or a bottle of wine, remember - you can still go hit the lagoon with friends.

Nuthin' But Net said...

You're not gonna go all "mid-life crisis" on us, are you?

If you do, I get your South Park DVDs.

Chris said...

Too late. I get the DVDs. Will negotiate for beer. Has to be good beer, these are good DVDs.